i know we’ve only been going steady for less than 48 hours, but miss april, with your midnight rainfall and sweet-smelling, blooming orange blossom, you’ve planted your flag in this girl’s heart, iwo jima style.


the window of opportunity, to do better, to know better, to be kinder, and to let things go, has always been wide open; this time of year it just seems a bit more, ajar, than other months.


perhaps it’s the wee hour melody of our newest residents?

a nest of baby birds greet us at dawn, their hungry chirps, a dulcet diatribe to their mamma, demanding breakfast and cuddletime, serenade us, without delay or doubt, into these sunnier, warmer days. it is impossible to leave the house in a bad mood.

so off i go: to know better, to do my best, to love my hardest, and let the rest go.

happy wednesday m’loves.