what’s wrong with our world? how can we make it better? these are the questions posed in the new documentary, ” i am.”

directed and commentated by tom shadyac, filmmaker of such comedic hits as ace ventura, liar, liar, and bruce almighty, and multi-millionaire who after a life-altering cycling accident, leaving him in chronic, debilitating pain, witnessed the reality of how all the success and money in the world cannot buy man happiness, “i am” explores the age-old path to enlightenment.

interviewing the world’s top scientists, psychologists, philosophers, and authors, shadyac finds that our world isn’t as dismal as it seems; only that our approach to success is sometimes off.

learning that the heart is a much more powerful tool of intelligence than the brain, i am, shows how humanity moves much bigger mountains than resistance and violence……such my cup of tea.

and my favorite morsel: simply witnessing a compassionate act, releases oxytocin, that feel-good hormone you get when you first fall in love.

mmmmmm. right? let’s get those compassionate acts flowing peeps! but no faking it, must be for reals.

so far i am is has only been released in the united kingdom, but click here for updates on upcoming showings in your city.

tuesday happy m’loves.