yesterday was a rather exhausting day.

i had an atypical heavy load of classes, and last night, feeling a bit under the weather, i was too tired to fashion a proper dinner.

wanting to stave off any oncoming flu or cold, i grabbed my most loaded anti-oxidant, pre-cut fruit bowl and sprinkled fistfuls of the latest product i was suckered into buying during my most recent round at fancy-nancy, healthy grocery store:

chia seeds.

from the vendor’s pitch, i was expecting bill gate’s business acumen and beyonce’s dancehall swagger.

anti-oxidant this, electrolyte that, fiber this, world peace that…….blah, blah, blah.

what he forgot to tell me was chia’s miraculous, {and i am here to attest} energy sustaining powers. i walked into my house last night as debillitated as i get, and i did NOT go to sleep until 2:27am….at least that was the last time i checked my clock.

i finished one book.

and i started two, more….

upon awakening this morning i googled “chia seeds”…..apparently in a blind experiment with hikers, where one group ate chia seeds and the other did not, the group who consumed the beastly bits finished 4 hours and 27 minutes faster than the non-consumers.

so next time i want to take a mother-effing hike, i’ll chia up like nobody’s business, but come sleepy time…..i’ll stick to my pillow potion thank you.

tuesday happy to you m’loves….