lately, a quiet obsession with trees has overtaken me. i find myself often looking up, awestruck by the majestic, unique beauty i see from one trunk to the next.

their sublime, wise air inspires me to act and live a life more graceful.

trees just get it.

alone they stand.


tall and proud, letting the light shine through their easy-breezy leaves which acquiesce to rain, wind, drought and snow. their lank prevailing in a strong, sturdy body which doesn’t permit past storms and hurricanes to dictate the flourish of their branches.

there are no victims in the forest.

trees are not blaming their parents and spouses for past grievances.

 have you noticed, the older, more cracked and barnacled a trees’ bark becomes, the more beautiful and imperial she looks?

alongside loved ones he’ll grow just as strong and tall as the others, never relying on his brethren to take the slack. it’s every man for himself, in the spirit of we are all in it together.

i am inspired to look different and metamorphose as the seasons change, just as the trees do.

a tree will continue to grow even in the dark, damp, sad times; such as when friends and beloveds have fallen or can no longer grow beside her.

she’ll rainbow our world with her dancing leaves; a ballet of sorbet.

alone in the forest, she sits quietly. no fuss, no drama. at peace with the silence and stillness of the quiet wildwood floor.

she needs not the constant affection of a bird’s tweet or a flower’s bloom to feel her worth.

even in a tangled messy web of mish-mashed confusion, through the branches, color and light are beheld…..

so if you see me around…my typical head in the clouds amble, don’t be alarmed if it’s touched with a tinge of chatting with the trees.

monday happy to you m’loves.