monday morning beautiful to you m’loves.

tell me, did the weekend compass your happy-map?

friday through sunday we had a house full of sick, and a calendar clad in iron.

even the beast started to adopt our mopey behavior. all three of us grumped around the house rockin’ the  fever & body ache shuffle: arms tightly crossed, shoulders hunched to the sky, madly twisting side to side in an effort to stave off chills. our faces scowling fiercely.

i hope you had a weekend of health and sweet.

tell me, were there laughs from the belly? tears squirting from uncontrollable hysterics and giggles? any funny movies or t.v. shows getting you to smile at the silly?

did you have at least one incredible bite of food? you know the kind where you had to stop mid sentence, close your eyes, slow motion your experience, so you can prolong the flavor, if only for a few seconds?

that happens with me and avocado all the time.

were you able to sleep deeply? a nap yesterday? or maybe, ooh, a real, full night’s sleep without an alarm or appointment the next day to gnaw at your anxiety?

i love the kind of sleep where i wake up sore from sleeping so hard. the marathon sleep where my eyes get a little puffy, but not of the tortilla chip bowl ilk. the eye puffiness that reminds me of when i was a kid waking up on summer vacation mornings: reanimated from the previous day’s hard knocks in the pool. i’m looking forward to that kind of sleep again.

it’s ironic, the more yoga i’ve been doing lately, the louder and more gibberish-like the chatter in my head has become. my anxiety levels are on the rise, and my inner buddha has his head in his hands.

unfortunately my commitments aren’t abating any time soon. this week i’ve added two more classes to my schedule. and come november there will be more to come {yay indo-row!}.



eating avocados.

saying “thank you.” {meaning it}.

my remedy. my sweet.

monday happy to you m’loves.