tumblr_mod2p9Fkz81qzawmno1_r1_500 today i’m ponying back up to the barre, the ballet barre that is, for another certification.

it’s been a couple of years since my last lotte berk/barre workshop, and i’m on pointed toes with excitement.


out of all the disciplines i teach i will forever court barre work like a mysterious, flirty, hard to pin down, albeit larger-than-life lover; my eyes and ears ever open, not wanting to miss a hint, cue, or beckon to move deeper, feel more, or learn something new about the body and brain. i get rock concert pumped to experience how one little, teeny, micro, half of an inch of movement, to the left or right, in my LEG, can awaken muscles, in my CORE, that have been napping since debbie gibson dominated the mtv airwaves. 


this method has helped me consistently get excited about moving my body in different angles, lines and planes. myself and my clients see/feel the results pretty much immediately. my friend mrs. burns calls them her “katie muscles.”—it’s things and friends like that, that make this job not a job. 


 the physicality and efficacy of barre work is fettucine alfredo satisfying, but its ability to allow me to be creative and think outside my lock box lights the wick on my inner roman candle.

one does not need an actual ballet barre to perform. i’ve actually taught my coreplay®class {gulp} 13 years barre-less. we’ve been using walls, chairs, reebok steps, body bars, pilates reformers for years as stand ins. you name it and i can make a ballet barre out of it. i always embarrass hunkiest as i’m in constant “find the barre” mode when we’re out in public; even in formal, funeral attire, if the back of that church bench is the right height, you bet your bottom i’ll be pulsing up an inch, down an inch.


do you barre?

what moves you to move?

weekend happy to you m’loves. see you on the other side of sunday.