chasing rainbows

April 18, 2012

the way i see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
~dolly parton

i knew there was something behind my coveting of a nice, nasty rainstorm here and there.

how blessed am i for the colors of these magnificent rainbows and the lessons of storms gone by?

lately i’ve been seeing pots of gold pop up in every cranny and nook of my life.

it’s as if i have won the random acts of kindness, and relationship lottery.

to get goosebumps still from teaching a spin class, or having to slow down my thrilled, anticipatory driving as i race to my client’s house for a training, is the coolest feeling ever, here ten years still going.

this is not anything i do, it’s the people i get to do it with.

they are amazing and i am perpetually in awe, in-spired and on-my-knees thankful for them.

 i walk around unfurling my arms sea to sea, my heart to the sun, my head thrown back in reverence:
an acknowledgement of my gratitude.

what are you feeling grateful for this week?

wednesday happy to you m’loves and thank you for my rainbows.

  • Katie, I always love the images you select. Incrediable. So happy to hear things are going GREAT for you. BTW that Dolly Parton quote is one of my favs. I'm grateful, I made it through my first Bikram class two weeks ago and went again last Friday and today I'm doing my third. I'm soooo happy I stuck with it. Hot as hell but the BEST feeling of accomplishment when i'm done. I'm grateful I didn't pass out. LOL!

  • i love everything you bring to life and this post katie! no one deserves all of this rainbow goodness more than you! lately i've been feeling beyond blessed and am feeling lucky that i'm almost well enough to get my katie fix and kick spring training back into gear! l

    xoxo mary jo

  • Gorgeous!

  • niloofar


  • Katie, I would give my left arm to have a training session with you. Those clients maybe giving you tons but, I know you are giving them SO much in return. I am grateful to know you. And grateful to be alive, healthy, loved, in a lovely home, my children love me & are safe, for dogs, sunshine, the beach, sparkly rings and coffee. Just for STARTERS! 🙂 Adore you sweet lady.

  • I am grateful for courage and the ability to force myself into something that I know is good for me, even if it means going through some growing pains.

    I'm thinking I might be in Newport at the end of July. You can bet your bottom dollar I will be catching as many of your classes as I can!

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