november rain

November 1, 2011

good morning to you m’loves, have you recovered from a night of treats and tricks?

last night mr. goodbar and i went tantric. which means i’ll now be working the trapeze silhouette all damn week.

typically november is one of my favorite months. it, at last, cools downs, and miss autumn finally settles into her high-back rocking chair. although tomorrow shows a high of 78′.

with the start of each month, year, day, week…i begin, eyes moon-wide, hopeful and excited that i will embark on something brand new and earth shattering. remember, my first, morning cup of coffee has me genuflecting silly, so i don’t need much to rock my world.

today i can barely sit still i’m so buzzed about the inner thigh work i’m doing in today’s coreplay™ class. like i said, it’s the little things that roller coaster my universe.

at the top of my ambitions for november is to use my kitchen more often. during the courtship, i cooked, baked and cultivated stove top goodness for hunkiest all the time. cobblers, cookies, pastas, meals with at least two courses, you name it, i made it.

now the only things i make are reservations. actually, i even leave those up to him.

i feel i sold him a false set of goods.

sunday night i made chili for halloween. he was so happy to see me there at that island, chopping, dicing, stirring, browning.

but also, swearing.

i just don’t have the LOVE of the culinary that i once had.

i’m hoping to find it this november.

any suggestions of how to re-procure this lost affection?

  • Buy some inspirational cookbooks and visit That always gets me in the mood 🙂

  • Soups. Made from fresh-from-the-farm-picked veggies. Follow no recipe. Just be creative and intuitive. Use really good knives and le creuset cook wear. If you’re ambitious, also bake fresh bread to accompany the soup. It feels very simple, rustic, old, and very autumnesque.

  • Considering that I nose-dived from a decade and a half of excellent vegan/farmers market/organic health into OC take out food, I am probably not the one to be giving advice, however I did have a small sliver of time last year when I picked up the Clean Start vegan cookbook by a professional chef–and everything I made was delicious! You have to buy all the special ingredients, but it was so worth it. I'm contemplating trying again…

    xo Mary Jo

  • I'm right there with you girl! xo

  • happy november…. have a great dinner party, get disposable plates so you don't have to worry about the dishes and go crazy in the kitchen

  • dont forget to make something for you!

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