usually i have sump-in. a quip. a gush. a rant. a peace sign. a white flag a’waving.

this week: nada.

you’ve rendered me quiet. both hands stacked over my mouth, in disbelief; imprisoning non-existent words.


you’ve made me feel small with your greatness; a wee, bitsy cricket, back-peddling to catch the full glitter of your bright, sky-encompassing firework.

it’s taken 4 days, but i’ve finally found my words. they might not be eloquent {they rarely are, let’s be honest} but here they go:


thank you my loves. thank you from every nook of my bursting with love and teeming with gratitude heart. the tweets, the facebook status’, the blog posts, and the generous donations to my cycle for survival ride have been profuse. i can’t even handle how amazing you all are; my emotional eating has been at an all time high this week i’m ruing that decision to give all of those lululemon pants to goodwill. my round-the-clock crying over your kindness has turned my eyes into two hollandaise topped poached eggs that relentlessly run down my cheeks #attractive, and as we all saw from my “video” i’m NOT a pretty crier….ahem!! {the director and i still need to have words about the editing.} nevertheless, wrecked-train aside, i am utterly indebted.

love you all.