hello baby kittens.

another week’s chapter in the book of june comes to a close….

summer’s honey drips candy sweet. the days have been warm and sunny, bringing moods happy and smiles unending.

hunkiest and i are off to the east coast for an entire week!

a whole seven days of freedom, seaside; gulping in salty air, and dusting up sandy feet.

i will muck it up in my best seersucker & madras, unearthing my inner betty draper WASP {because deep down we all know i’ve always had my heart set on succeeding ricky lauren}.

the camp itinerary calls for smooches galore with my man most-handsome, moonlight hand-holding, naps that stretch on for days, and slumber parties with two of our dearest and most loved.

those are my must do post-its, branded all over my confetti-scattered brain and orchestra-leading-eye-twitch of a body.

perhaps i’ll read a book or two before drifting into a paramedic resuscitating coma, or maybe mr. atlantic ocean will full-body massage me just with sounds of his melodic, oceanic score and whisper-light mist.

just putting these thoughts to sentences has already lulled my pulse to a placid, waveless rippling.

i can feel the incessant pinched buzz in my ears, like a mamma hornet who’s lost her bee baby, muffling down, ebbing into a balmy angel chorale, serenading me into skies of safety, where i frolic among on a playground of clouds.

tis not goodbye…i juice so much pink tickle and relaxation from my time here at goodniteirene, so i’m sure i’ll see you next week m’loves…

until then…weekend happiest to you!