just when i think i’m out….THEY. PULL.ME.BACK.IN.

spring training was going so well, and then came my birthday.

homemade macaroons!

a dozen cupcakes!

not just one…A dozen.

brownies, homemade vanilla frosting, boxes of candy, the gifts of confection were abundant and i did not hold back.

it was, after all, my birthday.

but this year apparently my birthday is taking on some sort of lent quality.

what is supposed to happen once a year, has now stretched into a two-week celebration; i’m still receiving pastries and bon bons.

last friday a piece of key lime pie, the size of key west, was delivered to spin class accompanied with an equally substantial amount of whipped cream.

as i’ve stated before, i don’t want to be rude…

but i my holiday pants from thanksgiving and christmas are now un-affectionately addressed as my birthday pants.

so here i am publicly announcing the end of my birthday wonderful.

as much i enjoyed the merrymaking, i do not enjoy the idea of diabetes.

from here on out it’s kale smoothies, salads and sundaes.

sweeter tasting than my girl spinach, kale is now believed help lower cancers in bladder, breast, colon, ovary, and prostate.

kale’s detoxifying properties is why she’s the darling of juicing, smoothies and cleansing regimes.

according to new research, certain components and traits of kale can help us detox at a genetic level.

avocados will be in every stinking one of these said meals. people are so afraid of avocados because of their high fat content, but their fat is exactly why we should be eating them. the physterols- which account for the major amount of the avocado fat- is what helps fight off inflammation. avocados are also high in oleic acid {a fatty acid} which staves off heart disease and helps produce anti-oxidants. {anti-oxidants fight off unstable molecules known as free radicals, and free radical damage may lead to cancer}. the high fiber content of an avocado makes it a winning choice as well.

so there it is m’loves. out for all to see. i’m off the sauce….{frosting, cups of cake, roons of mac, pies of key lime}. my birthday was magnificent, but i’d like to see another. at least in the same size jeans.