with all of this wretched “up an inch, down an inch” i’ve been committing to of late, i plan to have my legs peacocky for spring.

i’ve decided to reward myself with a new pair of nekkid-shaded flats.

typically i eschew the flat like i scoff at beets on my plate or axe murders on parole; both give me pause.

beets because, well because they taste like earthworms, flats because there’s no heel to support my feeble, inept foot. hence the name “flats,” and paroled ax-murderers because, well, the neighborhood is already crowded as it is.

but i’m hoping all of the relevés i’ve been powering through in class will make for a happier hoof; befit for a nude flat.

so help me choose m’loves. which of these do you think is best suited for katie?

 shall i go preppy and conservative with the newberry suede ballet flat from splendid. this screams cardigan and pearls,; both of which stuff my closet. i’m not one to really offend or shock people with my fashion. i save that for the things that come out of my mouth so this non-offensive shoe beckons my people pleasing personality. 


i’m kind of diggin’ this elizabeth and james pax peep toe flat. the only thing is, i have given up on painting my toes. like meditation and getting 8-9 hours of sleep, the pedicure {even the self-given} has seem to evaporate from my life. my toes aren’t gargoyle level, but compared to all the fancy-nancys around here, my polish-free toes look rather orphanage.

michael and then there are these michael kors tullah mixed leather flats. i’m such a sucker for patent leather. even in nude it still looks like it’s been dipped in lip gloss. i like a little bit of a heel to help with my les miserables arches, but there’s that stinking peep toe again.

tkees speaking of nuding up. i did just buy these tkees flip-flops at my favorite local boutique doll. i love them so. they’re the perfect flipper for spring and summer.

so what’s your call?

which pair will best pretty up my dancing, spring feet?