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summer shoe

June 5, 2014


summeri’m not a big one for accessories….less is not more for this lazy girl, it’s practically too much.

i have major bare feet phobias that keep my soles covered all year around even come summertime when the rest of the world is nakedly two-stepping around town and beach; i can’t walk one step in the house without a shod food.

so for me, the shoe IS my accessory; my jewelry, scarf, trinket, etc.

i try to keep a very pared down repertoire for summer; mostly sandals which need not have a buckle, snap or require assistance for walking….i don’t have the patience, grace, or positive attitude to mess with such fanciness.

here are my favorite’s for the season:


 so far 2014 has been the year of the VANS for my feet; for the last six months i’ve been wearing these checkerboard’s with everything from cocktail dresses to spin gear; they transition to any occasion and time of day.

last week i made the switch to these classic slip-ons in white. well, they were white…now they’re coffee spotted.

but one round in the wash and they come out good as new.

they’re the sharp, crisp, summer’ness my clothes needed.


i’ve been eyeing the italian sapper from emerson fry for a bit now.

these slides go with everything, and again they can be dressed up or down; nothing is tackier in the summer than too high or pointy of a heel, even at weddings. i love the simple, clean, non-look-at-me message of these sandals.

can we get a moratorium on statement shoes?

let’s include statement necklaces, bags, wrists….etc…how about just stating how you feel with your actions and words, rather than your necklace—that we all know you’re really just wearing so you can take a selfie of your cleavage for instagram?

oooh? catty-much katie?


 every summer i buy a new pair of white thongs. it takes exactly 3 months to turn them from shiny, beautiful white to grimy grey.

there’s something about a white pair of flip-flops that make feet, even the un-polished ones like mine, look fresh and neat.

these havianas..or mossimos are my favorite since j.crew stopped selling them in white…

{C’MON j.crew!!!!?}


this last one needs your vote….what is the final rendering on the return of the birkenstock?

i’m on the fence….i refused to wear them in high school, but now i’m having second thoughts on their cuteness….or maybe my feet just REALLY hurt from wearing stupid, painful shoes in high school.

but these white, biblical babies from zara have got me re-thinking my original aversion.


ugh..and remember my black slides from zara?

yep, you guessed it…not two days after that post my own, little winona ryder worked her magic on one of my sandals; now they make this god-awful creaky noise when i walk. a sweet man at the bank thought it was my back and told me i should “go sit down dear.”—-thanks priscilla :-(

what shoes are your rocking this summer m’loves?

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friday i’m in love…..

March 7, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

friday buttercream frosting on your toes, fingers, and in my case, hair, to you m’loves!

how has mademoiselle march been treating you so far?

are you ready for warmer days?

the kind that calls for knees exposed, shoulders bared, and the ice-cube requisite cocktail?

me too.

well maybe not exposed knees….my knees haven’t seen the light of day since 6th grade.

here are a few sweetmeats i’ve fallen in love with this week:

afterlight (1)

i don’t pop molly, i rock j.crew…..

spring the j.crew catalog finally arrived.

i’ve been neck-deep in pages of hot pink and polka-dot, my heels clicking like the tail of a tennis-ball chasing puppy.

selections have been made in case hunkiest asks…

i’m definitely going steady with this sweater, come may 5th….{birthday candles optional.}

and this entire look needs to happen for a date night.


about a year ago my body, primarily my mannerly mane of hair, my non-perspiring constitution, and my somewhat predictable taste in food, turned on me and revolted—ukraine style.

i don’t talk/write about this hurtful coup d’etat because i don’t, nor does my doctor understand it….and it’s just too depressing to dwell on…

{the obviously theory is hormones, thyroid, etc..but all the tests have come back fine/inconclusive…}

but the point of this, rather long, {let’s admit–yawn-inducing} back story has to do with my new find.

for most of my life i have detested chocolate…loathed it; likened it to cruella deville and beets.

yet as of a year ago, chocolate has become a new, daily obsession; i crave it like a dalmatian craves its spots. i must have it, or i will skin said puppies, spots or no spots.

afterlight (1)

enter tonic scene raw organic bars.

made from organic raw cacao mass, organic raw agave nectar, and organic raw cacao butter, just one piece of these bitter chocolate lovelies is the perfect antidote to my angry, 4pm hankering for dark goodness, and luckily no canines have to suffer.


ok. officially on the lupita bandwagon.

love her.

loved her acceptance speech.

and loved even more her other speech on beauty that left the room speechless.

loved her dress.

i loved his speech about her.

she is divine.

lupitaapparently i’m not the only one with the lupita crush.

YouTube Preview Image

iggy azalea’s “fancy” is this week’s jam….i’m loving the video based on the clueless movie…

have you taken the buzzfeed quiz, “which clueless character are you?“—{i got christian}–swoon.

and speaking of JAMS—if ANYONE can find me a radio edit of major lazer’s/pharrel’s “aerosal can”{warning: explicit!!}…i’ll be your best friend…

so that’s just a little of what i’m loving on this week…

oh..and of course…i’m loving on YOU for coming by to see ME, HERE at my blog party!!

come by again next week?

till then, see you on the other side of sunday m’loves…

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falling into fall fashion……

October 15, 2013


my style is of a preppy, new england co-ed, live and die for the corduroy and tweed sandwich-ilk.

there’s something about fall though that ups the ante on my argyle addiction and sweater vest ways.

elbow patched sweaters with penny loafers are as obligatory as the new scandal season and homemade chili on sunday nights.

 do you have any fall fashionable favorites putting the whipped cream on your pumpkin spice lattés?

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shimmer happens

November 29, 2012

thursday sparkle to you m’loves. the glow and glisten of last night’s full moon is inspiring more shimmer and glint in my week. 

i know holiday shopping lists are forming, and nothing is more fun than unwrapping a package which glimmers like a fourth of july sparkler, beneath that tissue and wrap. 

here are a few incandescent and scintillating gifts you may want to snatch up for loved ones, or even add to your own list for santa. 

my rock star friend, mary jo matsumoto, is at it again. i know i brag about her designs a lot, but really, really it’s because they are THAT amazing. i still can’t believe she sells her bags at the prices she does. the quality is better than any celine, chloe, proenza schuler, or burberry out there. her new laguna shimmer limited edition fold-over stingray clutch and laguna shimmer soft tote is no exception. both have that perfect combo bite of modern and classic that is the signature to all mary jo designs. her clutch reminds me of some wonderful art deco design, perfect to carry to your great gatsby viewing parties this winter. not shown are her leopard bancroft and her resort collection, both near sell outs for the holiday season. 


over at j.crew you can get your major sparkle ‘on’ with their squared starburst bracelet, glitter t-strap ballet flatslula glitter ballet flats, and, my personal favorite, the crystal burst bracelet, which i love to throw on even with sweatpants and a puffer vest; that silly bit of ostentation with what would be otherwise grubby clothes, suddenly turns it into a “look,” at least in katie-land. 

i could talk about beauty products all day long. this whole post could be dedicated to the glittery ways to pretty up the face and body, but i’ll confine it to three.

sk-II facial treatment essence is touted to bring a phosperescence to every face it touches. cate blanchett swears it’s this yeast and sake formula that has kept her a fanatic to the line for over ten years.

already my holy grail for concealer {let’s take a moment to honor those undereye circles no longer with us,} rms beauty also makes an amazing luminizer.

and with over one hundred four star+ reviews, urban decay’s marshmallow sparkling lickable body powder, a vegan company even with l’oreal’s recent purchase, is an ultra-luxurious gift for a friend or co-worker; it’s just not something someone would typically buy for themselves, yet it’s great to receive. i love putting this stuff on. i still have yet to find a single product from urban that i’m not obsessed with {hello supercurl mascara!??!}

if you’re really feeling like going bold, or fancying a splurge on yourself, go downward dog deep into the silver and sequins.

i’m completely obsessed, in the most unhealthy, john hinckley way, for this phillip lim sequiny, track-suity, but not in the juicy couture way, get-up from net-a-porter. the pants {bottom right} are silk AND sequined and flounce in the most perfect, i dream of barbara eden manner. and the sweater is mega-rad with it’s color-me-deborah harry geometric shapes, and punky meshed fit. watch here to see the video of these two piece put together. #musthavenow #santacanyouhearme

this DSQUARED2 long sleeve, metallic dress will most certainly make a statement, or more importantly a jaw drop at a holiday party or two. it is currently on sale at shopbop.com

and those silver brocade houndstooth cropped pants, {bottom left} by malene birger are sure to provide dance floor, disco ball credibility any where you find yourself jingle belling the night away. 

what is your favorite way to add shimmer into your holiday season my darlings?

sweet, tender, baby kisses of glitter all over your heads m’loves.

thursday sparkly to you!

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summer whites

June 14, 2012

so typically i’m one to eschew the white pigment when it comes to fashion and me sporting such iridescence. although i’m quite fond of the non-shade, my skin-tone tis not.

typically what looks like tints of ivory, ecru, frost, snow, vanilla milkshake {thank you benjamin moore for your color pallette help} on others, looks like fluorescent lightbulb on me…

but to the mocking-birds with how my melasma, crossword-puzzled looking face appears, as i show up in my summer best; i’m obsessed with wearing white this season, and i WILL WEAR IT………with a mask.

here’s a look at some of the similar styles i’ve been sporting or wish to sport:

ever since i’ve found my perfect, white jean...{did i REALLY just write those words?} the white shirt on white denim combo makes me tony the tiger roar.

my frilly, white j.crew shirt from years ago, is getting a ton of party time with a with white khaki, calypso pants, and scarves all around {hair, wrist, neck, purse-just not at the same time mind you}.

how pretty is this look from the roland mouret 2013 cruise collection? a big, fat white bow at the colllar?

holler if ya hear me!!!

i’ve pretty much been living in a calypso tunic like this for the last two weeks. i throw it on as soon as i get home from work, and i’m instantly more at ease, more poolside serene, i even have priscilla fetch me a bloody mary.

there’s nothing like a ballet skirt, that just grazes below the knee to ladylike up any situation. throw it in white, and you’re an instant princess.

i think long sleeves, long pants and messy hair is more seductive than any short skirt or red lipstick.

this is my favorite southern california going out look {the nights can be chilly sometimes}.

but don’t get me wrong, there’s always room for that pretty flowing dress….{just NOT at a wedding ladies!!!!}

so tell me m’loves, do you like summer whites too?

will you i see you sporting some of my same uniform?

thursday happy to you m’loves.

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tell me loves…..

February 24, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

what tickles you most from jenna’s italian jaunt?

marissa’s coral magic lippies?

those mouth-watering bowls of pasta?

shiny and squared, perfectly lacquered nails every sixth frame?

tension easing gelato breaks?

or afternoon espresso in the piazza?

buon giorno italia!!!



*thank you mrs burns for the ‘nudge’.

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the meditation isn’t working….

August 2, 2010


i need earplugs for the silence!

my {many} attempts to go inward and still have rendered me in slobbering fits.

i want to pluck a banjo whilst wearing a tutu;

not find my breathy bliss sans pretty pictures in my head.

how do you nutjobs people do it?

is my music not sitar-fused enough? my kundalini too j. crew?
help please.

i’m determined to nail this zen shit.


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Am I in Hollister or J.Crew?

November 3, 2009

Christmas in November!!! Yippee Skippy!! So i made my way to J.Crew; newly discovered credit in hand, drool catching bib around neck. Decisions! Decisions! As you’ll see I was obviously in an accessorizing mood. There’s only so much I can do with black yoga pants and a tank these days.

My shopping experience was almost perfect…………Since when are they hiring pre-pubescents at J.Crew? or better yet, when did I become an adult, buying clothes on my own, without my mom?

J.Crew always has the chicest (translation=older than me) bevy of fashionsitas working the store, gussying me up into that second dappled dot cardigan, or convincing me that my life is not complete without the La Plume satin peep toe. They know better than I do because they’re older and more mature. The J.Crew saleswomen are supposed to be more high feathered than me, have stretch marks, and be able to tell me where they were when Kennedy was shot, etc. My fashion insecurity knows no bounds; I need that assurance that can only come with fine lines and wrinkles. What’s worse was their feigned ignorance at our giant age difference!?!??! “Molly”, spunky as she was, was still WAY TOO YOUNG to be calling me ‘honey.” Molly, not only am I’m old enough to have nursed you;  I’m also old enough to have taken you in during YOUR unplanned, teen pregnancy. You should not be calling ME “honey.” It’s the first time in my life I actually would have preferred “Maam.” This new brood consisting of unversed, over eager, baby chicks needs to learn their place in the pecking order. Until this waterloo is amended, it’s Jcrew.com baby.

All was not lost though; thank god for things sparkly and shiny!!! My attention was easily diverted from the High School Musical II scene on the floor to the jewelry case. Here’s a glimpse of some of my treats!!


Infinity Earrings


Superskinny Satin Belt


Textured jersey ruched V-neck tee


Yummy Lavender Bauble-ness


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I Dare You to Disagree

October 29, 2009

tumblr_krn7hm2onT1qzb2hmo1_500Come on? I’m totally right! Cleaning out one’s junk drawer is just like cleaning out one’s ass: best done wearing gloves, by oneself, when everything else has already been scoured speckless.

Yesterday, I found myself, alone in my spic and span house, with a few free hours and a pair of rubber gloves……Magic was made.

Post magic I’ve now found my favorite missing blush, my tiny, travel bottles of Maker’s Mark, and 1 of 3 nightguards. (Yes, i grind my teeth. Yes, i wear that giant, attractive apparatus to remedy this nocturnal problem.  Yes, when I sleep, I look like a head gear wearing Anthony Michael Hall in “Sixteen Candles.”  Try and make fun of me, and I’LL KILL YOU.)

But the most incredible thing I found?!?!??!?!?!:  my J.CREW receipt/store credit from 2007!?!?!?! How in the HELL did I forget about this?!??!?! I’ve heard those horrific stories about those mothers who forget they’ve left their babies on top of their cars, and then drive off? I can totally sympathize now. How could I forget about my credit??? How did I go all this time with all that (practically) free merchandise waiting for me to come rescue it, and bring it home? So sad. So scary. I think Beyonce should play me when they convert this harrowing story into a movie.

Today, I’m stealing away to right this wrong. And, NO………… I didn’t find my J. Crew credit in my colon!!!!!!!???!?!

*images Tumblr

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F*ck You J.Crew

September 9, 2009

As if i didn’t hate myself enough? Just when i had  tucked and squeezed my half-japanese quads into your “skinny jeans” (mind you with the help of K-Y and a shoe horn) you have to throw toothpick jeans at me?!!??!erez-21

Apparently it’s the “superslim silhouette of the moment.” I’m hoping in Jenna Lyons‘ next moment she’ll be a little more sensitive to those of us who like a little frosting on our cupcakes, us who like to taste our food just once (not twice, on round two, with the back of a toothbrush,) us who take  Ritalin truly for our ADD. J.Crew, maybe next time you will come up with something a little more creative: nacho lover knickers? linebacker leggings? redwood tree jodhpurs? Hopefully, you’ll be a little more sensitive to their buyer and her low self image of  herself. Until then, I’m requesting that you make the toothpick in cords as well, and does anyone know any Phen-Phen friendly pharmacists?

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