gimme a beat boys to free me my soul, but i also fancy myself a visual shindig to condiment my audio feast.

mini movies, the music video has to pack a big punch, or sometimes not, depending upon the intent of the song, the vision, and the director- in a very short time. i think some of them are brilliant.

here are a few recent ones i’m digging:

anything in stop motion gets my posture ladylike attentive. this music video from delta heavy is no exception.

directed by ian robertson and employing all the board games and toys of 1970-1988 passed {think hungry hippos, connect 4, and battleship}, “get by” is a stroll through memory lane and optical riot. it even made me tolerate dubstep. 

this video actually gets funnier and funnier as it progresses. a track race between band mates, esteban+vinciguerra & remy cayuela of of the french group naive new beaters the hijinks and shenanigans become more and more off the wall as the finish line nears in “jersey.

pretty much if david lachappelle directs your video, you have a winner. this is no different. it seems every pop artist wants this unique talent to shoot their music because of his candy store of creativity and deft command of eye pleasing color. florence + the machine’s newest single, spectrum, is given the david lachappelle wanded magic: rabid ballerinas, swirling chandeliers, and of course….miss florence. a winning combo bite.

wednesday happy to you m’loves.