oh my sweets! it’s chilly outside is it not? i love the colder weather, but i’m such an infant when i get even one, little, temperatures-in-the-low-seventies, goose-bump. i insist on wrapping myself, burrito-like, with various scarves, puffer vests, wooly layers of mittens, cloche hats, leg-warmers on top of knee socks, etc; and that’s just my get-up whilst vacationing in sunny, balmy mexico.

this december climate has me daydreaming of various vocations i could eek out where the required uniform called for my bathrobe and slippers, and the job description entailed me sitting by our fire, sipping hot coffee all day long, with a portion of that workday dedicated to proficient napping. 

if you know anyone who is hiring a professional pajama-wearing, nappy-java drinker, send them my way please. 

are you feeling the spirit of the holidays yet?

i love this time of year, but the holiday fever within me keeps breaking.

mine ebbs and flows like a dance step i sometimes get the rhythm of, but then find myself tango-ing left as the rest of the group cha-cha’s to the right if i’m not keeping my chin up and my eyes wide open.

it is a lovely, wrapped up, miraculous “present” to be aware of the moment, i get that, and i’m working my boots off to get there and stay there; like a dog learning to be housebroken. can someone please rub my nose in my catatonia?

but for me it is not an easy thing. my brain feels like a solar powered kaleidoscope, without a sun down in sight. ideas, fears, anxieties, all one swirling prism of what-ifs, round and round they go in different shapes, boxes and scenarios. 

i must find another viewfinder. 

the more i relinquish control of tomorrow, the more i find delight in today. 

i know this to be true. i just suck at living it.

for now, though, at this second, as i type, i am savoring this time, today, with you.

so thank you.

one of the many tools to help me stop, notice, and permeate in the now is a beautiful piece of music. this is one of my favorites for this time of year.

i hope you enjoy it too. 

wednesday happy to you m’loves.