to say i’ve been a bit lazy with skincare regimen is an understatement.

my typical 15 to 20 minute morning and evening ritual {one that i immensely enjoy} where potions, serums, gadgets, and prayer are lathered, administered, and massaged into various planes and nooks of my aging visage, of late, has been siphoned down to a splash of soap & water, and if i’m lucky a drive by of eye cream.

my face has paid this negligent price:

tiny crow’s-feet have morphed into american eagle talons and are currently clawing their way across the bridge of my nose.

cheeks once kissed with sweet, angel baby-brown freckles now resemble BP’s oil spill as my melasma takes on rorschach test shapes up and down the sides of my jaw.

my clarisonic tools sit abandoned and lonely in my bathroom drawers like sad, forgotten toys of christmas past; lumped together with the masks, serums, and toners, my anti-agers gather around the plastic, container store caddy reminiscing over the days in the flourescent light sun, when i employed them 3-5 times a week, less if irritating to my skin, where they performed their minor anti-aging miracles for all to see and praise.

but this summer, i have gone back on my word. i broke the vow i promised i would never break.

i have become lazy in the skincare department, and alas tis shows…

so here i am, publicly declaring myself back in the game.

i vow to solemnly wear my evening peptides and my daily anti-oxidants.

vitamin a you will be re-introduced in a gradual matter once again, so as to avoid that nasty rough redness i sometimes seem to favor when we apply too heavy handedly around my eyes. but come two-weeks from now, my half-asian hazels will look bright and somewhat collegiate will they not?

my darling opal, i will return to you daily. mark my fickle word. you are tried and true, and i never should have taken such a ross and rachel break. what was i thinking. the bags under my eyes were non-existent when we were together, and now they hold stocking stuffers for santas’ orphans. i must get back on the 30 second per-eyelid program.

my clarisonic and i will dance the rumba anew. round and round my mug i’ll scrub thee, excavating early onset wear and tear and decay from makeup and sunscreen of days’ & nights’ passed.

as of today, i’m re-enrolled in the program. i’m working the steps {in my case 18.} next week i begin, again, my triniti treatments-the super effective lasers for the face that leave me looking like lunchmeat for a day or two after {fair warning} but render me baby smooth weeks later.

so have any of you fallen off the skincare wagon as well? 

pretty wednesday to you m’loves.