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monday happy to you m’loves!

i hope saturday and sunday provided hours of loving hard, laughing plenty, and resting good.

this weekend, for me, was all about getting my “girl” on.

i wore skirts, flirted with boys boy, and was made fancy by the prettiest in the business.

afterlight (51)

my love, the original and first girl crush, misha nesselrod, makeup artist par excellence and the eyebrow guru of southern california, asked to practice and play at her salon, holiday, THE headquarters for cutting edge make-up and hair.

misha is perfecting the technique known as underpainting, a style developed by celebrity make-up artist, scott barnes who recently taught her this type of make-up application.

i popped out of my khakis at the chance to have misha transform me. such a treat….i even braved a make-up free, scary “selfie” to show my metamorphosis.


the first step in the process is milk of magnesia face.

{i know you’re all dying to make a tasteless crude comment here–go forth, we were dirty whores too.}

but really, misha sponged my entire mug with this white, gooey slop that immediately erases wrinkles, jowls, and anything else one would like to tighten…i swiped the bottle from her and have been wearing it on my inner thighs all weekend long.


next, misha “paints” on color and non-color to make me look stupid highlight and low-light my different features; the white cream lightens the face and eyes, and the dark stripes enhance cheekbones.

this is what misha calls the lion king phase. in fact post-stripe application, the entire salon broke out into african chant, as misha hoisted me up in the air for all to see….they even filmed it….

i must admit there was a tiny, mishcievous part of me that wanted to keep my face like this until halloween. my kim kardashian fantasy fulfilled….but i had dinner plans with civilized friends later that evening.

afterlight (47)

all smiles here.

misha has blended my “circle of life” face into a freckle free younger version of the old, tired hag i still am from the neck down.


some glamorous eyes and a little gloss, and i was good to go to the vanity fair oscar party.

yes, in that sweater.


back home it was smiles and kisses all around.

hunkiest, who prefers me more make-up free, actually had to admit he dug the glossier version of his wife who came home.

but the most important approval came from the beasts; they were wild for their new babysitter, and gave approving kisses all over my contoured face.

thank you misha. i love you to death.

if you would like misha to work her magic on you, run don’t walk to the phone and book an appointment. she also gives great make-up lessons, you bring in all of your cosmetics and she shows you how and which ones will give you the best look.

have a glamorous day m’loves.