thursday morning kisses to you my kittens.

i can’t contain my giddy. 

today my girlfriend patty and i are playing mini-hooky, and hightailing it up to venice for major coffee-tasting

both of us share a deep love for the dark bean. we converse about the details of our morning, mid-morning, afternoon and evening cups like it was the latest shades of grey book; except with more lust and heavy breathing. 

intelligentsia café is known as l.a.’s “coffee heaven.” lines are typically out the door, and a wait can feel like “standing in line at six flags magic mountain.” intelligentsia’s coffee itself is a jolt, punch in the face, roller coaster ride in itself. i have crushed on this cult java from my very first sip.

we’ll be instagraming and tweeting the whole time if you want to keep up with the hijinks and buzz.