good monday morning to you my kittens.

all the boys in the yard are going to love today’s post: hair.

typically i don’t give my mop much thought. there’s way too much, and i’ve always been pretty lucky with a nice japanese/irish combination head of hair that hasn’t caused me too much trouble over the years.

but apparently age and a new house water system is changing that happy partisanship.

what was once silky and smooth, is now hay-like and coarse. 

although i finally have the coveted volume i have wanted for all of these years: that jaclyn smith, bouffant up to the chandeliers is no longer a mere whim, my days of shampooing my hair with dial soap are finally over. 

i’ve had to curtail my hair regimin a bit. here’s what has been working:

ojon damage reverse treatment and serum feel like i.v.’s of hydration for gobi desert dry hair. i know there’s a much more popular brand or “oil” that everyone seems to use. i tried it. i was much more impressed with ojon. they are completely 100% formulated with natural ingredients and cruelty free. 

another must have product is my oribe texturizing spray. it’s sorta like a dry shampoo, sorta like a texturizer, sorta like mini-stylist/blow-out. i use this baby anytime i need to be fancy-pants. this magic-in-a-bottle gives me charlie’s angels hair in seconds. just a little spray, a little tease, blow-dry or brush and poof {!} you’re ready to walk the runway.

but i have to say the best hair product i’ve come across has been good, old-fashioned coconut oil. it’s definitely messy, but it works. i glob this yummy, maui-smelling goo on my noggin, throw on a thrifted, plastic hotel shower cap and lounge in the tub for an hour or so. yes, the coconut drips onto my face, and if i’m lucky into my mouth {so delicious} but after a shampoo or two, i have locks o’lucious.

i often get asked about my milkbraids, and how i “do” them. here’s a video tutorial. i obviously skip the root cream, combing, perfect split down the middle, the ribbon, the needle, and anything else that makes it look neat and tidy. so pretty much i do the opposite of this video. 

so do you have any hair musts that i need to know about? i love it when you share.

happy hair!