we southern californians received a nice dousing this morning. i think it was just mother nature’s way of speaking her mind over the last two days’ dismal behavior among many citizens. it was her method of taking a blubbering, inebriated, belligerent set of immature drunks and dunking their heads in a cold bucket of water….kind of what needs to be done to all the hot heads in this country, on both sides of the aisle, who refuse to play nice over the election. 

it’s done. let’s move on m’loves and support and love each other. okay?

what is about these rainy days that just brings out the absolute sloth cozy in us? this one hasn’t moved for three hours, just lying here, listening to the hum of the rainfall. i’m pretty sure she wet her bed about 45 minutes ago.

even though i had work to do, it goes by so much faster with a toasty candle and soothing soundtrack of the tap-tap-tapping raindrops outside on our garden pebbles and on the roof.

but my real work was going on underneath the desk as a major shiatsu massage takes place each morning, rain or shine.

thursday happy to you m’loves. safe puddle jumping.