ice lately i’ve been inhaling the color fresh.

’round here mr. winter is kind and mild mannered. minty. soft. rarely harsh. 

even our rain, like yesterday morning’s splash: juicy, plump, aquamarine, wet gumdrops, felt more like a tidying up, a quick rinse of the place before a raucous house-guest whipped through town: the always unpredictable, but never boring mr. wind.


 the spunky, rebellious wind, who ransacked trees of palm, shouted over private chitchats between soul and universe during yoga meditation, and from what i observe inspires most four-legged and elementary aged beings to act, on the whole, more wiggly and untamed, is a welcome nuisance. beneath those rolled eyes and above the exasperated should shrugs is typically a smile and smirk. a giggle hidden behind cupped hands. the wind brings a playfulness to our lives. it cleans the air so we can take giant gulps of breath feeling that purification happen at the cellular and spiritual level.


i’m holding on to these new fresh lens’. i’ll wear them this weekend as i amble my same, comfortable, tried and true paths, but search for new landmarks and guides along the way. 

i’ll let you know what my search comes up with.

what does your weekend hike look like for you m’loves?

see you on the other side of sunday.