so here we are almost 3 weeks into 2013. i’m silly happy to see all the new faces in the gym sweating out the holidays and making healthy changes in their lifestyles.


sometimes those group classes can be quite intimidating i know; especially if you’re a first timer to the gym or new to the format of class. i’m still in a crouched ball thinking of my baptism into zumba. may i have another colonoscopy first please?

we teachers love fresh faces. that courage, hopefully an open mind, no bad habits formed {quit locking your elbows folks!}….come to mama! 

just remember if you’re taking a new class to really listen to cues and corrections, you never know when the instructor may be subtly trying to aid your form.


 this time of year i highly recommend students, both seasoned and freshmen, to book a private with one of their favorite teachers or trainers, or maybe even someone they’ve never worked with before. it’s a great way to refresh and “clean” house a bit of any nasty patterns so that you’re starting the year on firm, fertile ground to grow your practice and foundation for a stronger, healthier body.



if you’re intimidated to do the one-on-one time, many trainers can accommodate you and a friend, so that it’s a more casual, less vulnerable learning space. i love to offer my clients both the option of a private “class” or that specific personal attention. 

take the time for yourself. there are many options out there, at all different price ranges these days. 

what can you do today that in 6 weeks you will have noticed a marked, positive difference?

i want to hear about it. i love being inspired by you.

on a personal note, m’loves i always love to see you in class: big schedule changes are coming. also, i’m very excited to announce i now have 2 beautiful spaces in newport beach where i am offering private pilates, yoga, and coreplay®. the gorgeous jabulani yoga in corona del mar & villa pilates and yoga in newport beach offer exquisite studio space to expand your practices. 

love ,