established in 1900, in brooklyn, ny, the seafarer pant is a tried and true american garment. for close to 100 years the united states navy entrusted this iconic bell bottom shape to cover their soldiers legs.


seafarer has impacted fashion as well as our navy men. for over a century all sexes have adorned and adored this dap denim. 

 the who’s who in most chic has, at one time or another, sailored up in seafarer.  



my favorites from their 2013 spring line are the calypso, circe, lord jim, and penelope. i’m leaning heavily toward picking up the calypso.


french blogger extraordinaire garance doré has participated in these kitschy promotional videos launched in december {yes i’m always late to the fashion party} promoting seafarer’s 2013 launch spring at colette during the haute couture shows.

keep your noses clean and your jeans dry m’loves. 

tuesday happy to you.