thursday happy to you m’loves.

here are four things putting the nectar in my honey:

making me twirl item #1:

i got em! i truly didn’t think i would, but my dearest auntie char, narrowed in on my santa baby serenade, and scooped me up these beautiful coasters. they’re even prettier in person.

too bad i still won’t let hunkiest drink any beverages in the living room {white sofas, y’know?}.

making me twirl item #2:

i’ve taken a vow of whispering and toes of tippy in our kitchen for fear that my plants will catch on that they are still in the land of the living.

it’s a christmas miracle, now moving into a new year’s phenomenon that i have yet to kill them off.

the rule of green thumb in my house is: if you require watering and photosynthesis, make sure your affairs are in order and you’ve kissed your children goodbye. i murder all plants and flowers; even the silk and plastic ones.

{NO-i don’t have silk and plastic flowers, BUT if i did….pick out a flattering dress for your funeral}.

but for some reason these pretty little topiaries, baby firs, bamboo, and the token, asian-household money plant, are flourishing like a horticulture tour stop; in fact i’m drawing up plans for a gift shop in the den.

again, let’s keep this on the bass-down-low. i’m trying not to pay my green house too much attention for fear of jinxing my kitchen sill boom.

making me twirl item #3:

loving the new j.crew catalog. i plan on living in this v-neck-swirly skirt get up all year-long; with just simple shade change of twirly from day-to-day. god bless southern california….was it really 83 degrees yesterday….i was laid up in bed all afternoon.

i can totally rock the spin bike in a skirt!

i’m even going to work on this hands in my pocket, let’s pretend we’re in a roman piazza- prance. just  a couple more sessions on the reformer, and i’m golden.

i must say, i am super happy the tangerine, poppy lipstick look is gone! i never could get behind it. #1-it looked like crap on me, and #2-it looked like crap on me. the new lipstick push appears to be a fuschia-y, pop of pink which will totally work with this girls half asian freckled face.

making me twirl item #4

01 Safe & Sound (From _The Hunger Games_ Soundtrack) [feat. The Civil Wars]

this collaboration from The Civil Wars {can you say obsessed} & Taylor Swift {semi-obsessed-not ashamed to admit it} is on heavy, heavy repeat in our house.

apparently it is from the soundtrack from the upcoming film, the hunger games, which is an adaptation from the popular teen book series…..{apparently VERY popular….and unbeknownst to me…..there is an actually hourly countdown to the movie opening on the above link?!}

so there! i showed you mine. now you show me yours.

tell me m’loves, what are you currently diggin’?