i can officially eat crow. my faithful readers, i apologize for the whiny drivel i’ve subjected you to over the passed year. crow pose is no longer my bête noire.

now, not so fast with the “congratulations” and the “i knew you could do it”. i didn’t master the armpit stasis, rather i have completely given up on it altogether. wednesday night in yoga teacher training, our instructor, my friend, the yoga GODDESS, jill grogg, informed me us that she, too, doesn’t fancy the crow. i watched her with my own two, semi-functioning eyes {my twitch is back-new spot though} as she set her knees down when crow’s pose was called, and child’s posed it like nobody’s business.

you remember jill? she eats, breathes and laser beams yoga. if the girl tells me i can drop a knee when everyone else could potentially break a tooth? this lassy will be meeting y’all back in child’s pose.


lesson 2. argan oil: believe the hype.

3. be honest, did you know what those sparkly things were called?

4. rice and scrambled eggs is a hard breakfast to beat.

and my final lesson this week was one of remembering something i already know:

i need my downtime. i must mark it in my calendar like i do a meeting with a client or teaching a class. i am loner by nature, and i must stop apologizing for it. i love my family and my friends just as much as the socialist of butterflies, but my energy is best restored computers, tv, phone turned off; too much stimulation makes me batty and not a very good wife, daughter, sister or friend.

i guess i’m replacing one resolution for another.

what have you learned this week m’loves?

weekend happy to you!

see you on the other side of sunday.