monday morning kisses to you m’loves.

here are a few shots of what’s been going around, ’round here.

2013-03-24 05.13.35

my mother is growing her own grass.

maybe to drink, maybe to smoke. i don’t care. i think it looks cool. 

2013-03-24 05.15.07-2

she’s also downsized and uprooted my once herb garden into little pots.

oh how pissed i was to see my giant jungle of parsley, basil, rosemary, and cilantro gone!

but, of course, she has made it even more pinterest perfect by transplanting them into little individual, terracotta buckets of green. my mother is a homemaking genius. she makes martha stewart look like will ferrel. 

priscilla misses walking through the giant rosemary bushes, and i do miss how my little beast smells post herbal trounce, but i must say this little arrangement here is most pleasing to the eye.

and i am able to still keep my easy access to fresh herbs. there’s nothing more thrilling than going out to the backyard for green smoothie ingredients {parsley & cilantro,} and not having to pay the exorbitant prices you’d pay at the market. 

2013-03-24 05.16.03-2

you can see the succulents and lavender are still blooming to gargantuan proportions. the backyard smells heavenly.

and boone guards them like the good boy he is. 

2013-03-24 00.14.07-2

what is spring without a little trailer trash? the beasts had their spa appointments this weekend, and priscilla received her stripper easter feathers. we have to buy her a new piggy bank for her ever-increasing one-dollar bill collection.

she has tina turner’s “private dancer” is on perpetual repeat.


jones, aka “sweet baby” is not as enamored with his cranium accouterments. he’s been called a “girl” twice on his walks, and doesn’t understand why i fall on my knees, giggling every time his 150lb, white, green-feathered body lumbers into a room. 

hunkiest has sternly informed me “the feathers” will be coming off today. #boo

~all photos taken by me