a-rtist:crescent-mist:I love thiscalm 

last night i totally blew my “detox.”

i went downward dog deep into a jar of nutzo. {thank you raquel perry for the recommendation; i’l send you my shrink’s bill.}

my new iphone doesn’t receive text messages or emails. 

i’m turning 37 in less than a month, and i’m starting to panic that it’s going to be harder and harder to have a baby when and if hunkiest and i decide we have to have that sweet muffin in our arms to adore and screw up. 

i miss my dad so much i have to sit down on the middle of my floor from the sadness and cry. 

but i still woke up this morning with this incredible feeling of  elation and gratitude.

i wouldn’t change one single, stupid thing. 

love you guys.