so yesterday i got back on the treadmonster, where i ran a short, measly mile.

after being heckled by tracy bauer for using my spin classes {that i teach} as mileage toward the holiday hustle, the 15-year-old pleaser within me, who is constantly afraid of breaking the rules, god forbid even accused of cheating, plopped herself right, smack in the middle of the dreaded running belt, and got my hustle on.


we have been at this carnival before.

two years ago, in mexico i discovered an intense but fleeting passion for moving my legs in this ungodly fashion.

running  became a type of meditational therapy for me.

and my legs never looked better.


but boom! two months into my affair with a 7.0 stride, my left knee had a full-blown meltdown that has been remedied by a two-year time out.




yet there i was yesterday, hiding on the corner treadmill, a rare time with just me and myself, feeling the small, irrelevant muck, seep out of my obsessive and compulsive brain; like the detoxifying essence of green juices, running purges my mind of its toxic and damaging cancers.


i pumped out the distance, albeit a small, but victorious accomplishment for me, and this morning i have that satisfying soreness from muscles of summer’s past.


now it’s not like i’m suddenly committing myself to the next local marathon {unless it involves lapping the montage breakfast buffet,} but just like with the cheese plates in my life, it’s hard for me to deny my brain and body the happiness and satisfaction that comes from getting lost {and found} on the treadmonster.


are you a runner? what is your favorite thing about it? how do you avoid aches and pains in your knees?

i’d love to hear from you….

and if we aren’t already, let’s be friends