spring training is finally in full effect. 

my clients and students are feeling the burn from new choreography and level-up advancement {hello thera-bands}, but my own studio time has been nil.

luckily i have “home” equipment to get me ready for that brazilian thong i wear all summer long. 

lave (1 of 1)-2

my sweet baby, jones, keeps my form baryshnikov precise, as i pump out back attitudes in the kitchen. 

he also makes the perfect height for a ballet bar. and large-sized boulder if we were to ever need one. 

lave (1 of 1)-3

priscilla isn’t one for standing. or working. or helping for that matter.

she’s prefers just to be adored.

luckily i can do that, AND my seated pretzel.

we both win. 

what new ways are you getting your spring training in m’loves? 

and if you really believe i wear a brazilian thong…..this is obviously your first time to my blog….welcome. 

and if you like the fact i may wear one….this probably isn’t the site for you.

happy thursday.