bodies in motion indeed. yesterday i found myself, for the first time ever, watching a marathon {the l.a. marathon.}

total accident too. i must confess the idea of watching people run is up there with the horrible sorority rumor where the older girls strip you down and sharpie your less than toned areas for the sigma nu’s and lambda chi’s to judge. 

i’d rather punch myself in the face for an hour.


but nonetheless i was sucked in and enthralled by these athletes and their beast-like attack on the road.

nearing the finish, i couldn’t help but get swept up in the glory of their grit, the fidelity to their stride; completely focused and undeterred.


witnessing that type of drive and follow through, even in the midst of bloody blisters and uncertain kneecaps, these runners clamored on; unstoppable, hearts lifted, heads tall, daring fatigue to even try to settle in. 

i was completely overwhelmed.


overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity that i immediately quelled with baked goods. 

peanut butter for protein.


chocolate chip for the hunkiest. {yes, both crispy and chewy.}


and of course i needed to get my greens in for the day.


and my mind works like this: i drink these cucumber tonics to negate any frowned upon pastry consumption.

does it work? so far?


what moved you on this weekend of st. patrick?

~all images taken by me.