yesterday morning: 2:50am. my sweet baby, aka jones, made the household decision it was time we all start our day. eyes were to remain avidly open and tails at a vigorous wag. 

like freshman cadets, by oh-three-hundred-hours we were marching around the kitchen to his bugle, fetching clean water, coffee, and running drills of grab-ass and catch-your-tail; knocking down candlesticks and moving dining room rugs into 2nd floor bedrooms. 

i was on the verge of getting pissed. 

as i cut coffee grinds à la lines of cocaine, with kate moss precision, on my old cds {see i knew not to throw this one away,} i thought to myself, with my little straw in my hand, i have two choices here, i can be sleepy, surly, does she have something sour in her mouth-girl? or i can find the joy. 

i chose door number two.


just like being resolute to eat healthy or choosing to be active in your body, making the decision to extract the joy out a moment rather than dwell on the sad or the cynical is HARD.

at least for me.

we are not wired that way. i wasn’t at least. especially in my family; it’s go for the sarcasm, sardonic, and skeptical, AT ALL COST.

i have to scrape out those optimistic muscle fibers.


how do i flex these muscles?

yesterday i read how watching the sun’s rise and fall in real time add’s to the quality of one’s life. like adding organic blueberries to your steel-cut oatmeal or an anti-oxidant serum under your paba-free sunscreen; experiencing the sunrise and or sunset releases certain healthy chemicals and hormones in your body {and  let’s be honest, it also gave me an excuse to post this picture of these cute shorts?} 

but last night as i was leaving  floating out of luciana friere’s yoga soul class, i finally found my meditation. too bad it will only be on tuesday nights, she asked us to notice the “light” outside. it was more than a luster. it was beyond golden. 

a glow. 

an unpatentable glow, but one that seeped into our pores and made my feet buzz.


that hum and whir of that sunset still happily fizzed through my body even at 3:14am this morning as dog vomit projected all over my neck, chest and face. 


priscilla’s foray into the garbage last night emanated in one giant, disgusting, early morning mess on mommy.

i chose joy. 

{and 4 showers.}

hope you have a “supersonic” day m’love.