you know that the feeling:

  last night’s rosé: a stroll {or two} through a french summer of pink fresh where everything and everyone is prettier, easier to smile at, dare i say even rosier? yet this morning the only thing rosy is your face because it looks like it’s been beaten by said bottle of french, pink, loire valley.

or taco tuesday, which really needs a name change to: how many bowls of chips can our table face plant through? if coney island opted for an annual mexican restaurant, tortilla-chip bowl eating contest, my japanese, hot-dog chugging brethren better watch their nitrite-loving backs, because this girl can throw down bowls of chips like it’s the apocalypse, and corn tortilla is our only staple for survival.

one of the many dreadful outcomes of taco tuesday is wicked-face wednesday. that sodium is now having its happy hour on your eyes, cheeks, jowls, and pout.

or maybe you’re like me and trying to be good, eschewing the booze and the party, but just can’t sleep. the heat, a certain page-turner, stress, or general insomnia is keeping you wide awake, and your skin pays the price the morning after.

enter stage right: tata harper’s resurfacing mask.

i was first introduced to tata harper’s eponymous skincare line which is 100% natural in ingredients, but not flimsy in the results, by one of my true idols, niloofar fakhimi.

niloo gave me this mask from her planet beauty store {they have the BEST tata harper promotions and ALL of your beauty needs under one roof,} and i’ve been sold since.

made with beet and white willow extract, this mask hydrates and exfoliates without any irritation. i know it says not to, but i even put it under my eyes without any stinging or redness.

sometimes it’s hard for me to notice a difference with masks, but this is one that i see and feel a difference.

tuesday night face begone!

get your glow on lovers!