spindrift (1 of 1)

~what do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams?

~you keep it to yourself. 

BROADCAST NEWS, james l. brooks.

sorry loves, but i can’t contain this….maine is my new necessary.

house (1 of 1)

not even 48 hours into our stay and maine has declared “game, set, match.”

the levels of bewitch are painful; my face hurts from smiling, and how many more times can a girl cry at the sound of seagulls happily cawing into the warm, night wind?

walk (1 of 1)

we are hiding off the tip of bailey island, where american flags gaily compete for top flight in skies so blue, they scoff at photo shop and “filters.”

stairs (1 of 1)

the see-through, aquamarine water has an integrity not experienced in the tropics or warmer vacation climates i’ve gravitated toward.



but invigorating and life-affirming; a wake-up call to my senses that have gone lazy and lax.

here, the sea is a bloodline; pumping soul into the hearts of all who live here.

kenneraft (1 of 1)

 so far our only adventure has been into the popped collar and ivy league sweatshirt town of kennebunkport.

waspy element aside {oh who are we kidding i was dying a happy, exalted breath every time i saw a pair of madras shorts,} this lively hamlet welcomed us with eye-watering bloody marys, and an introduction to the state treasure known as “homemade ice cream.”

i foresee the purchase of elastic waistband pants; maybe even a muu-muu–and that’s just for hunkiest.

daisy (1 of 1)

if i’m really honest though this place could be a total trash-can and we’d still be the giddiest clams in the bucket.

not even 30 seconds standing on our driveway and we were greeted with tongues and tails from the girls next door.

daisy is the older lass. she is sweet, demure, mannerly and plays quietly in our grass for hours.

lily (1 of 1)

and when she’s not on her back dancing for the sun and the clouds, lily, the younger sister, romps around the property, stealing tennis balls, barking chatting up seagulls, and looking for dropped table scraps.

sounds like another girl i know.

maine. i’m officially seduced.

are we friends yet?