this week in class i’ve hit obnoxious levels with my whole “feel more, think less” crusade.

the little, itty, minute details of my day, so bitty a magnifying glass will overlook them; those have been my mount st. helens of late.

my world is getting pounded and rained upon….in the best possible way.


yesterday i was noticing how delicious, yes delicious, my body felt as i exhaled my head to the ground and draped my torso heavily down over my legs like a wet, soggy, inanimate sheet.

just one exhalation sent a roller coaster of sweetness up and down my spine, releasing all the nonsense that had been mucking up my brain, and cobwebbing knots of anxiety and feelings of failure.


with one, silly, little breath my day was changed.

it takes one moment to change, not just your day, but even your life.

{don’t knock it until you try it skeptics.}


using rough math {remember u.c. school here} i figure i get around 1200 of these opportunities every hour.

occasions to exhale, to let go, to take something better in, and emancipate some of the darkness or tension in my body, heart and mind.


who says it can’t be this easy?

 with one breath why i can’t forgive someone? maybe even myself?

how can there be rules against a face full of grateful tears and a stomach smiling so wide it breaks out into uncontrollable giggles?

feeling an enormous amount of love for people and situations that ten seconds ago made me less present with my husband, less compassionate to those whose shoes i’ve never walked in, and more combative to anyone who judges me; i’ll take the teasing and smirks at my vomit-it-all-out-there-for-the-world-to-see approach.

this feels too good to be embarrassed.


i say it because i mean it…it only takes one moment to change your life.

cheers to change…..