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and i’m not ashamed to admit to it:

we are those people.

last week at the groomer, priscilla not only received her requisite, stranger-inducing judgment, stripper feathers, but she also came back with pink ears and a matching pink tail…all this in an effort to further my rabid quest to become the canine version of dance mom.

opawz chalk, a non-toxic hair dye for dogs, is the greatest thing to happen to white trash.

we’re big fans.


i want to have this new york times article‘s baby. 

my entire life i have shunned breakfast.

eating in the morning, even if it’s a nutrient-dense green drink, makes me feel like a sluggish, comatose, grouchy bear. i truly don’t feel “hungry” until early afternoon. 

the times in my life when i have tried to be in the cool-kids’ club, and strong-armed a morning egg-white scramble down my throat, i’ve ended up gaining weight and feeling the opposite of the breakfast-induced, stoked metabolism always promised to me by oatmeal eating health experts and fitness gurus.

i will feel no more guilt for eschewing the english muffin.

speaking of breakfast what i do consume in the morning, even before my beloved coffee, is a daily cup of warm lemon water with braggs’ organic raw apple cider vinegar. recently i added ginger to my cocktail. waking up so early i sometimes feel nauseous; this ginger addition has kicked that “morning sickness” to the curb.

ginger is one of my many miracle tonics. it literally is a wonder-drug for all its healing properties: aiding in digestion, a detoxifier, colon and ovarian cancer prevention, and it’s a great cold & flu fighter. i’m obsessed with wakaya organic ginger. super strong and pungent, wakaya organic ginger, next to the actual ginger root, is one of the purest forms of this spice i have ever used.

a little goes a long way, but the tiny bit that i do use makes my tummy troubles obsolete.


this weekend, along with 14 other girlies, i’m celebrating one of the best girls in the entire world with her bachelorette party. i’m still blown away and touched to be the maid of honor for my love, alexei.

i’m ready for some major girl time at the pool and i’m hedging bets on a “safety dance” contest.

S-s-s-s A-a-a-a F-f-f-f E-e-e-e T-t-t-t Y-y-y-y


finally it’s friday and i’m in lady-gaga love with this man.

five years ago today i became mrs. hunkiest.

this man, my gibraltar;  the strong, supportive, unyielding sail to my capricious and wayward winds, everyday i am more in love with you.

friday love-is-all-around to you my darlings.

wishing you a weekend of pink feathers and cherries on top.

see you on the other side of sunday.