friday disco balls to you m’loves. have you been shakin’ your groove thang properly all week-long?

it seems my mondaytuesdaywednesdaythursday took a handful of steroids and downed them with a 5-hour energy shot {which now comes in a pink bottle in honor of october’s breast cancer awareness month-because if anything is NOT going to give you cancer it’s 5 hour energy shots???}

days flew fast, sweaty, pumped up, and at times even a little guido: a run in with a rude, entitled newport beach, bentley driving, 12 carat doning varmint at trader joes on wednesday, had me giving the girls on jersey housewives a run for their “stick this in your piehole” money. i didn’t throw a table or even raise my voice, miraculously i even refrained from using profanity {there is a god,} but my disdain and disapproval could not be reined in witnessing such rude and childish behavior from what appears at first glance to be an adult. one of my top 5 rules: be nice to grocery checkers, treat them like they decide the fate of your next food poisoning.

oh and my heavy-handedness yesterday with the bronzer had me looking a bit…..

less than x-chromosomal and more clark kent. 

i must get a better light in that bathroom, lest this bronzer debacle happen again. and you’re welcome, i cropped out much of the breakfast-losing body shot. see? i take care of you.

this weekend i will rectify my hyped up, joe guidice, veins popping through my neck week with a languid, peace be with you as long as you’re sweet, kind, and you walk your talk, type of weekend. but who are we kidding—i’m a total pushover and a sucker for all types of dogs at the pound. i’ll still offer you a bone even if you do snarl and growl at me. 

this saturday i’m celebrating the engagement of dear friends, there will be some halloween mischief with little ones, and forehead to forehead QT with a beast or two on sunday. 

tell me my tootsie pops, what is on your weekend agenda?

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.