you can bet your orphan annie, bottom dollar that this song, RAC‘s remix of gentlemen hall‘s “sail into the sun,” will be knocking some drywall loose at the house this weekend, and maybe even busting a speaker or two at equinox on saturday morning. even right now, at 4:12am, as i listen to this song for the 12th time this morning, it is still physically impossible for me to NOT flail around like the happiest daisy in the flowerbed, hoping to get picked for the bouquet. 

i dare you to be in a bad mood after listening to this song.

and i think i know a panda or two who will take me up on a wild romp under the disco ball, heads bouncing in beat to this perfect summer tune as we shoulder shimmy our way around the dance floor, or at least i’ll get em’ to sprint with me through 3 intervals to the top.

who’s game? 

happy summer listening m’loves.