deer valley you had me before words were exchanged.

blues and greens seen only in pastel kits. air, baby powder fresh.

post card pretty park city: shopping, food, and strolling galore.


a hotel after my heart: antica farmicista amenities. the baths drawn were numerous.

35, o00 square feet devoted to bringing my body and mind back into the same room. giant geodes stand at every corner, a reminder of the earth’s beauty and healing ability.


fireside s’more bar.

homemade hot chocolate, a harvest moon and campfire cozy.

note: when making s’mores, best to have flavored marshmallows. we liked the cinnamon and vanilla.

i did puddle jump! the thunderstorms were fantastic: loud, windy, a dose of hail, lots of lightening.

and just like that, the storm ended.

as did my lovely getaway.

monday happy to you m’loves.