morning lovely to you m’loves

. are you ready for a holiday happiest?

are you planning to stretch this memorial weekend ocean-wide, brimming your days full of frolic, salty margaritas and a chin stained with bbq sauce?

i a merrily working the three days away, beginning with a brand, new class starting on saturday morning.

but in the midst of spinning my pedals, tucking and squeezing bottoms, and imbibing new choreography and ideas in my ongoing pilates training {yes! still in THAT}, i hope to get in a few randoms this weekend.

i wish bid “hello” to mr. ocean.

not even 90 seconds from my house, and i rarely go to the water.

i’m not talking about a blanket on the beach in the hot sun, but maybe a short walk with hh and maybe even with the rowdy beasts in tow by the shore.

there’s something rejuvenating about the sea air, especially at dusk.

and i’m in desperate need of revitalization.

somehow, sometime i am hoping to make a dent in my new great read. the barbarian nurseries hooks you from page one, but my reading opportunity is confined to bedtime, which lately clocks in at a 2/3 minute duration from the time my head hits the pillow to deep r.e.m.

at this rate i’ll finish the book in 2015.

and to counter balance any of that bookish time i spent reading, i’d like to negate it with an equal amount of couch sessioning watching my favorite tv shows.

i know we already talked about this, but hh and i are loving VEEP. are you addicted too?

we have two episodes on the appletv we can’t wait to watch.

i’m also excited to report my backyard is finally getting a little love.

nothing fancy, but my herbs and succulents are finally getting the proper grooming and vestments they deserve.

they have grown to amusement park proportions, and definitely need a little balance with gravel, lighting, and a fountain.

photos to eventually follow.

so there you have it m’loves: a weekend of work, play and, as always, abundant gratitude for things big and small.

what do you have planned for holiday?

see you on the other side of sunday.