As if i didn’t hate myself enough? Just when i had  tucked and squeezed my half-japanese quads into your “skinny jeans” (mind you with the help of K-Y and a shoe horn) you have to throw toothpick jeans at me?!!??!erez-21

Apparently it’s the “superslim silhouette of the moment.” I’m hoping in Jenna Lyons’ next moment she’ll be a little more sensitive to those of us who like a little frosting on our cupcakes, us who like to taste our food just once (not twice, on round two, with the back of a toothbrush,) us who take  Ritalin truly for our ADD. J.Crew, maybe next time you will come up with something a little more creative: nacho lover knickers? linebacker leggings? redwood tree jodhpurs? Hopefully, you’ll be a little more sensitive to their buyer and her low self image of  herself. Until then, I’m requesting that you make the toothpick in cords as well, and does anyone know any Phen-Phen friendly pharmacists?