scratch that santa

December 24, 2009

i knew those fendi shoes were over the top!!! even cruelty free they still were an asshole thing to ask for.

so santa, on hands and knees, because in all seriousness if i do stand i vomit, i revise my grown-up xmas list. this year i ask for a settled stomach and 98.6 degree temperature. i yearn for at least 6 uninterrupted hours of heave free sleep, and food and water i only have to taste once. santa can you ask your elves to please whip me up a potent elixir to obliterate this which has demon taken over my body? i know tis the season to be welcoming and charitable, but whatever bug/virus i seemed to have caught needs to find another muthafuckin christmas hostess.

merry. merry. bleh.

  • We make quite the pair! With your puking and my rather scabby and spotted face…we could really make a great holiday Christmas card. I hope Santa gets you a settled stomach AND Fendi shoes…and if he has time…maybe he can work on my face and my exhaustion.
    Merry Christmas Katie…I am so glad that we are becoming blog friends!

  • Poor baby! I will tuck you in snug as a bug under your electric blankie, and the girls will snuggle you.


  • Ah Katie! What a nightmare! Poor you….
    Sure do hope this bug flies off soon and allows you to at least have a cup of Christmas broth for dinner!
    So much for good cheer!
    I'll tell Santa to leave something extra special for all your suffering.

  • Katie, so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope today was better. Look at it this way-at least you won't overeat at Christmas 🙂 I hope HH is taking very good care of you.

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