happy weekend

January 22, 2010

wishing m’loves a weekend full of laughter, revelry, relaxation, glee and peace.

the storms in california seem to be easing.

one of our trees was completely uprooted, and flew out of yard. most house plants have been obliterated round here.

which got me thinking…….

here’s a sweet, bushy something for YOUR doorstep:

a little gift of greenery from me to you. because, i’m thoughtful.

happy weekend.

love, katie

  • holy wiener bush!

  • What a nice idea! I'll run it by JV… it could be just what we need to spice up the balcony!

  • hilarious! honestly, i'm afraid to look too closely in the backyard, afraid i'll find something like this lurking among the turned over potted plants and tree branches!

  • Bushy is an understatement. Those are some of the longest pubes I've ever seen!
    THank you for the human warmers you sent for my birthday….it's ironic….but my heater shit the bed last night…so those blokes are really gonna come in handy.

  • Hey, I know this one. Have seen it in real life. It's just around the corner from a bead shop in Birmingham 😉

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