2:30 alarm today. has anyone read the healthcare bill? say anything about a national naptime referendum?

all in favor say “aye”.

a giant thank you to meghan, shannon and deborah for their meth face advice.

deborah, the last 10 checkups have included a thyroid check. in addition to meth face, i have crazy night sweats (think underage gay boys/studio 54 dance floor).

and when i’m not changing my sopping wet clothes (amazing i found a fella) i’m teeth chattering, freezing cold (wearing a parka in 90 degree weather). yet, my butterfly gland shows normal.

as for the gluten. i’ve never heard of it causing skin issues. ever since elisabeth hasselbeck stopped eating gluten it’s been my mission to consume as much as possible. i’ll try the celiac diet, but if i start squeaking in gibberish and quoting unicorns please give me back my wheat.

but give up dairy girls?

as in burrata con foglia and jasper hill cloth cheddar?

like for more than a 24 hour cycle? does this include greek yogurt too?

can’t i just hold my breath all day instead? or make out with them instead?

anything, but give up dairy.


(sob, sob)