good morning sweet panda bears. how was your first weekend in twenty-twelve?

i had mad fun doing a whole lot of nuthin’ with my hunk of burning husband.

that’s not true.

cupcakes and bread sourdough played a very important role in my happiness quotient this weekend.

i feel like today is really the first official back to the grind-your-teeth day of the year. the first week of january always seems like a dress rehearsal: people getting back from vacations, still detoxing from holiday food & booze, reprogramming their brains & anxiety levels from in-law/family visits, et cetera, et cetera.

this morning as i blow into my crystalline ball of dandelion hope, i wish for calm seas a’sailing on a tranquil, aqua ocean. i long for lapping waves which lull us into gentle moods, where compassion can’t be contained, and a smile is your ticket aboard. may any thwacks or swats from the sea, simply be the dolphins nudging our boat into play.

and if, perchance, storms do roll in, may we grow mighty, sturdy sea legs rather than queasy, fetal position-inducing, stomach aches.

this is my prospect for this new day, this new week, this new, exquisite year.

what is yours?

monday happy to you m’loves.

p.s. i know since i changed my web address many had lost their email subscriptions. my darling brandi has fixed that! if you’d like to receive goodniteirene email style, the subscription box is now available right up there on the right hand corner above my nightstand. SCORE!