piglet, er…i mean, priscilla has put on a couple of el bees of late.

although she eats vegetarian fare, we recently learned she’s been helping herself to the kibble bin between meals.

definitely behavior unlike a lady, miss priscilla.

much to her father’s dismay (the idea of his apple suffering sends him fetal) i have put miss priscilla on a strict diet:

vegetables and fish oil. tried and true.

i’ve used this method before, and it works wonders. my beasts slim down, their coats and eyes shine, and they shave minutes off their 10K’s

at first she was curious. {never underestimate the power of a pink bowl}

then she spit it out.

a tantrum of tears and bellowing ensued for quite some time.

i finished a magazine.

exhausted and defeated (read lazy); she surrendered, and ate her “salad”.

truman, trying to stifle his giggles, watched in happy, glib glee; remembering his months at canyon ranch.

post meal though, priscilla actually embraced her new spa-like regimen with a half savasana/half happy baby pose.

see? she’s already groovin’ canyon ranch style.