the meditation isn’t working….

August 2, 2010


i need earplugs for the silence!

my {many} attempts to go inward and still have rendered me in slobbering fits.

i want to pluck a banjo whilst wearing a tutu;

not find my breathy bliss sans pretty pictures in my head.

how do you nutjobs people do it?

is my music not sitar-fused enough? my kundalini too j. crew?
help please.

i’m determined to nail this zen shit.


  • If I ever open a yoga studio ~ I'm framing this post and hanging it on the biggest wall I can find!

  • oh, katie. i know.

  • haha, don't believe the hype! p.s. there's a Cynthia Rowley truck heading to Fashion Island this week, just in case you need a dose of the material world.

    xo Mary Jo

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