not again

January 3, 2012

even though i’m still addled and frozen pee’ing from my last round of root excavation,

i am {unfortunately} scheduled back today for round two of continuing education credits at university of guantanomo bay.

fingers, toes, eyes crossed that this procedure goes smoother than my last experience:

where i still feel as if chunks of brain have been removed from my head.

i am using this defense on my piss-poor performance on sunday’s nyt’s crossword attempt.

this defense also comes in handy when i absent-mindedly forget to bring home hunkiest’s dry cleaning, order regular fries {i like the truffle kind}, put his fancy sweaters in the dryer, eat his last bite when he’s up to turn on the heater for me {i’m too dumb to work that system}, or throw out his sport’s magazines {didn’t know he really read those?}……whoops, they took my brain out with that damn root canal………love you baby. 

as much as i like to joke about my inner amy winehouse and my need for speed-balls, i couldn’t be more of a square.

i don’t want to take anything other than a nap for my pain.

i’d be okay with a prescription for a cheese plate.

happiest tuesday to you m’loves.

  • Good luck, I kn

  • Good luck… I kn

  • ok!I was trying to say I know everything will be fine:) a chunck of my brain is missing too:/

    • goodniteirene

      do you know that mid root canal today i was thinking that you, my niloofar, are one of the most wonderful, most beautiful people i know.
      swear to god!
      the doctor was drilling a giant, gaping hole into my brain, and there i was thinking how silly, damn lucky i am to know you.
      just thought you should know my love.
      love you!

  • crossing my eyes for ya, katie!

  • Thank goodness – The root canal for certain has not scooped out your humour, beauty, way with words and love of cheese. All is right with the world. Happy New Year, so looking forward to visiting your blog in 2012 and having loads more laughs…

  • Hope all went well yesterday, Katie!

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