even though i’m still addled and frozen pee’ing from my last round of root excavation,

i am {unfortunately} scheduled back today for round two of continuing education credits at university of guantanomo bay.

fingers, toes, eyes crossed that this procedure goes smoother than my last experience:

where i still feel as if chunks of brain have been removed from my head.

i am using this defense on my piss-poor performance on sunday’s nyt’s crossword attempt.

this defense also comes in handy when i absent-mindedly forget to bring home hunkiest’s dry cleaning, order regular fries {i like the truffle kind}, put his fancy sweaters in the dryer, eat his last bite when he’s up to turn on the heater for me {i’m too dumb to work that system}, or throw out his sport’s magazines {didn’t know he really read those?}……whoops, they took my brain out with that damn root canal………love you baby. 

as much as i like to joke about my inner amy winehouse and my need for speed-balls, i couldn’t be more of a square.

i don’t want to take anything other than a nap for my pain.

i’d be okay with a prescription for a cheese plate.

happiest tuesday to you m’loves.