intellectual idleness

November 5, 2010

philosophy will clip an angel’s wings – john┬ákeats

i’m giving my brain a breather.

enough of this hard lined rationale.

decoding, interpreting, attempting to manage and react

to every mite of information that swirls in my heady eddy.

guessing with my gut, hankering with my heart, selecting from spirit.

the fit of these glass slippers is sublime.

ears open, eyes wide, barely able to contain the giddy.



  • I am faint by saying this my darling friend, but I do declare you should give it a go at writing a novel and put acting where you need it to be for now.
    You are an absolutely gorgeous writer!

    Big love,
    Ms Vic

  • I agree with Ms Vic. You are amazing!

  • Sweet Nothings

    love! did you/the hubs/and the kiddos survive the weekend!

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