are you currently gazing into crystalline waters of new experience and chance?

do you long to frolic with un-met dolphins, splash in warmer, deeper, maybe even more torrential, grandiose seas?

are your toes perched atop a spring-board able to bound you up and out into the clouds?

two and half years ago i took a big plunge. i returned to my beloved acting. that burn in my belly every time i saw a julianne moore performance or watched inside the actor’s studio was becoming more of a brush fire, and i knew if i didn’t make one final crack, the flame would never cease.

i am satisfied with my apple bite back into the bid’ness. i booked enough work to not feel like a has been, and i had some hilarious fact’s of life-like moments during the audition process. but the drive up to l.a. every day for mostly print work, was becoming a hassle, and missing my classes was taking its toll.

 i, now, crave anew, the electricity of an endeavor.

it doesn’t have to be career oriented either, maybe a new hobby or homestead project.

but i’m ready to dive deep.

tell me m’loves, are taking any new plunges? thinking about them?

you know how i just LOVE hearing from you.

thursday happy to you.