i can’t thank you enough for the messages, comments, calls and gifts. losing truman was such a shock.

he went to bed last saturday night with {what we thought} was the health of a pup. he definitely had the demeanor and show of dog with at least 3 or 4 years left. he woke up sunday morning, riddled with cancer, ready to die.

my o.c.d., my need to plan and prepare for everything, has been knocked out of alignment. like a disc that’s been herniated, i crave to put everything back in its perfect, scheduled, peaceful, non-heartbreaking order.

 bitch twitch, who had disappeared, is back with full vengeance. if i knew where and what my chakras were, i’m supposing they’re scattered in different counties, hamlets and cays getting their spring break on on my dollar and peace of mind.

i will emerge from my blue. i always do. usually i just had truman to help me.